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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Do you know if there is any part of the overall map of yunus networks that is permitted to openly question how peoples lost sustainability governments (even in so called NW democracies)


the sorts of broken system list I have is below- but I dont know where is the safe space to connect and inter-action these sorts of system change; I dont see how we are going to get american youth back to believing and spending their time (and leveraging their career potential) on yes we can communally collaborate in changing these deep system cancers unless our brand integrity times where and when to make this sort of investigative journalism and conversations unstoppable

There is nothing wrong with people, it’s the systems

What did governments do wrong

They stopped representing the people and became trapped in favours to big lobbyists – see what even obama hasn’t begu to reform @ wall street and how healthcare’s big interests are trapping him

They took away the commons and community spaces by licensing each new media to the highest bidder – ie from mass tv to mobile technology, government licensing of media became a stealth tax- looked like a windfall so that in short-term government didn’t need to tax but in long-term communications were used to addict, stop asking humanity’s big questions, turn us all into big brothered sub-beings celebrating trivial pursuits , unable to see the internet’s greatest possibility is to unite the human race in ending poverty

They took away change and learning in educating our children – all they cared about (rewarded for) was the image that exam results were going up – the last thing we needed in a world where bottom-up diversity and networking collaboration needed to be what kids explored and questioned rather than believing that one set of man-made rules is superior to nature's micro system interactions (As a maths person it amazes me how global mesurement professions are shredding all the advances made by von neumann and einstein - the former explains the higher order value multipliers of collaboration networking, the latter gave mathematical encouragement to Gandhi's map of system transformation beyond empiredom)

They took away economics – sponsoring economists who modeled their false systems as correct paid for by the big get bigger, the short-term get shorter. As my father wrote back in 1984, mass media and government have combined to turn macroeconomics into disgraceful political chicanery in which all adam smith's free market transparency assumptions have long since been revoked– in effect macroeconomics is the mastering of how to make systems every more expensive, ever less purposeful in terms of serving/compouding solutions to vital needs, unsustainable and corrosive of trust. They continue to license global professional monopolies to rule over peoples in ways that make everything less economical. Conversely this is why if you study any productive and demanding value exchamge system (eg social business) that has taken out ownership by the biggest and the short-term you can now start compounding 10 times more economical and healthy societies. You can support people's lifetimes in maximizing their own creative flows and time spent at the experiential edge of their own deepest competences and communal goals.

Poverty is the artificial government system of place and other hidden interest agendas that is system designed to deny that the earth has enough resources for 7 billion childer-to-adults to work productively and innovate vital services and knowhow collaboratively. Such a broken system cannot be expected to compound sustainable consequences for any being in our ever more interconnecting world.

any clues on where to connect up this investigation would be great

chris.macrae @yahoo.co.uk
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I wonder if micro researchers could testify to this research team -seems like its a system problem

Why does modern British government make so many mistakes and such big and costly ones at that? This question is vexing two of the country’s leading political academics – Anthony King, professor of government at Essex University, and Sir Ivor Crewe, Master of University College, Oxford – who have embarked on a research project to see if they can find the answer. In this endeavour they claim the support of serving ministers, civil servants and shadow cabinet spokesmen who may well be occupying ministerial offices from next year. They all want to know, too, as do the rest of us.

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