The Global University of Poverty - Curricula Welcome

End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Please only write in this thread if you have hosted a yunus10000 video party

You are most welcome to peep (references to why this thread is aka how to map microgov & map codes of the 7 sustainability wonders of microeconomics (1,2) century

Primarily this thread will start off as quite a raw set of documents shared among all faciliators of one or more yunus party - and any urgent Q&A that cme to mind between such hosts

as hosts of the biggest exporation of humanity we don't want to reinvent the teasure hunt for hman sustainability one host at a time; many of these documents will need to be re-edited through many versions- the simplest example of this is document 1 - titles of the 25 videos

we need to find more than one way of classifying which video empowers which action networks

way 1 co0ded in document matches the colabortaion wish dr yunus discussed with me for 4 hours in Dhaka when I met him for the first time, week 1 of 2008 also known as year 1 of future capitalism

his classification interest is how to connect the 7 most purposeful humanity networks using any knowhow we can leverage from having helped start one in 1997 which has achieved the most brilliant newtork goal I am aware of - offering an extra 100 million of the world's poorest families a way to work out of poverty in under a decade

what are the other 6 networks and goals - temporarily our classifications of them are :

micromedia includes internet for the poor, mobile leapfrog for the poor

microeducation includes redesign of modalities and curricula for grade 1 to 18 (jargon to get to typical age of a class add 5 to grade number - eg grade 6 means 11 year olds ie the first step beynd primary and into the prospects of adolescence) and lifelong learning curves peer to peer as well as individually - benchmarks free university Joburg (grade 11-15)

microenergy includes zero carbonised/poluting energy, water, food

micropro -returns hippocratic purpose/oath to any group given unique privileges by society to write up rules- cenhtral to this is SMBA since everything that MBAs are taught has leed to globall wall street meltdonw and devaluing everything that sustains humanity

microgov - return to public servicve "for and by the people" - fundamentally the more micro or commnity-based you can make life-critical services the healthier communities tend to be -it is fascinating that the white house now has the world's number 1 practitioner in microgov because he's in a system that until nov 2008 had accidentally been spiralling round the exact opposite rules of superpower and white men and global corporations' vested interests come first. Its not exactly clear when this deviation from the purspoe of the declaratin of independence happened but it is worth assuming it got a whole new level worse from 1984 when virtual lives started to differentiate more productive value than geo-chained lives, and given the briefings that Scott McNeally of Sun simplifies as to why government tends to be the last institution capable of chnaging to new infotech systesm - it simply gets its costing wrong in procuremnt as it doesnt factor in the cost to exit an information system which is usaually bigger than operating it! That was a rather long way of saying that microgov needs to include egov as well as a gov in which every community and culture feels fearlessly able to question the transparency of what's ruling around here

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