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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

FC Partnerships can achieve change that seems miraculous to those who only look down from the top

Throughout human history, those who only make decisions with macro information block innovations that humanity needs to make progress. Most every 20th century innovation went more micro from einstein's maths to microbiology to ... so why have we got lost in a globalisation dictated by professionals who never go anywhere near local communities in measuring? who never care about real people? who turn big banks into gambling casinos and then say that the banks are too big to declare bankruptcy the way the same professionals would take the axe to any smaller failed corporations

can we please urgently connect this with partnerships between world's biggest organisations and world's deepest ones governed round purposes connecting microscopic information of what local commniuties need most?

What could the partnership of the world's 2 most passionate people empowers achieve now that Obama -a Kenyan-American whose grandmother still lives in a village - is at the epicentre of superpower's networks and Yunus is at the epicentre of bottom billion networks

the omens are good once you know that:
Obama's mum' career and lifetime mission was as a leader of microcredit and womens banking - and his chicago constituency is US's leading microcredit region

and this obama quote: this victory alone is not the change we seek it is only the chance for us to make that change

what do you think ready to flow, and what's missing

eg I only wish we could get back to the optimism of networking of around 1999 - if youth everywhere were confident what they could help yunus and obama link all around the world in accelerating millennium goals- please suggest any ideas you have on this or other urgent network actions

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It was interesting that Obama was very specific about a health goal at clinton global network - end deaths by malaria by 2015 http://www.clintonglobalinitiative.org/NETCOMMUNITY/Page.aspx?pid=2...

how do we help him and his grandmother's peers achieve that?
yunus & malaria

can we start a series on heroines of malaria- Elizabeth Chizema, MD,
yesterday in washington DC http://www.csis.org/component/option,com_csis_events/task,view/id,1... results http://www.csis.org/media/csis/events/081205_malaria.pdf peter and I listened to a case from Zambia; it is clear that if a nation's health ministry is committed progress can be made; Zambia is getting some results, is any other african nation's health ministry as transparently commiited in your views? how can we get the not yet committed country's health ministries to join in

since obama has specifically committed to malaria in a deeper way than any other disease and has family in Kenya, how do we advance Kenya's health ministry's community involvement

--these are my amateur questions- look forward to better ones

an amateur observer it appears that of over a billion dollars a year donated through global funds to malaria, zambia spends its 40 milllion in a way that gets nearer to communities and integrated approaches than other major african nations- if I have misunderstood, please do correct me

how so we include a malaria track in a peoples health summit that muhammad yunus would like people around the worlkd to communally connect? isnt it time that a peoples summit shared information in ways that the global map of malaria authored by the pr machine rollback malaria doesn't bother to account for

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