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Driving test for banks

We have driving tests for cars - aimed at minimising crashes. Why not for banks? Participants at every level could gain : customers, owners, society, government, ..
The fact that the most relevant question on banking that I heard in the year of Wall Street's Meltdown (2008) came from a 9 year old new yorker suggests to me that the simplest ideas of credit and savings of banking are as basic an activity to practice as reading, writing and arithmetic
Other emerging demands : http://www.10thousandgirl.com? from Australia
Currency crisis : who's responsible for printing money
rsvp info@worldcitizen.tv if people in your people in yout place are interested in drivers tests of banking!
ps we also host videos at www.youtube.com/safebanks
parallel references:
financial literacy education for primary school students -aflatoun

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