The Global University of Poverty - Curricula Welcome

End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Discuss how to action world's 2 most exciting ways to end poverty : microC & socialB


In 1976 4 people started a social action team which evolved into a Social Business and became both the safest system of banking and the way to include the poor in developing the world
yes we can sustain community building everywhere- if you & everyone you network with will referee the difference between true and false micocredit, and use media to discuss the most vital human purpose of every market sector. Is it entrepreneurially free to compound sustainable human progress or superpowered over by the irresponsibile?

2 of the Top 5 Collaboration Invitations in the World
.1 What is SOCIAL BUSINESS? The most exciting entrepreneurial game people play ... .2 What is MICROCREDIT? Designing the safest banking system so that the poorest are also included in developing the world/td> Yes We Can : Connect the Hemispheres E.W.S.N
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